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Why us, what distinguishes us?

Individual personal consulting and support

Ongoing contact with company personnel on site

All services from a single source, communication with foreign tax offices, lawyers and authorities, and with the pertinent persons on site

More cost-effective then large companies

Planning and structuring billing prices in the case of internal Group deliveries and services

Ever more international deliveries and services are being carried out between affiliated companies. In the case of internal audits, tax authorities pay particular attention to billing prices agreed upon between the Group companies.

To avoid or reduce tax risks, billing prices for deliveries between affiliated companies must stand up to an outside comparison (arm's length principle). To this end contracts entered into in advance on the agreed prices, among other things, are to be submitted.

Our billing price services at a glance:

  • Choice of method of the billing price calculation (price comparison method), resale price method, cost surcharge method, other methods etc.)
  • Determination of appropriate billing prices, appropriate billing of management services between the affiliated companies - service companies and apportionment of costs
  • Tax-oriented contractual design to displace profits by way of billing prices
  • Defence of billing prices in the case of internal audits by justifying the billing prices and the used methods
    Instituting legal remedies