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Reimbursement of turnover tax for foreign companies

Foreign entrepreneurs procuring deliveries or other services in Germany for their enterprises can be reimbursed with the turnover tax, for which they have been invoiced, by way of the input tax reimbursement procedure if certain prerequisite conditions are met. For example, all telephone, petrol and repair costs include 19% VAT, which you can claim back from the German revenue department.

In respect of the input tax reimbursement procedure, we conduct a review of all purchase invoices on your behalf as to whether they contain German input tax amounts that are eligible for reimbursement. We sort out the vouchers, and file quarterly or annual reimbursement applications with the German tax authorities so that your company is not required to pay foreign value added tax.

Our services in respect of reimbursing turnover tax:

  • Review of prerequisite conditions for claims for the reimbursement of German turnover tax
  • Sorting and reviewing your vouchers
  • Filing applications for turnover tax that is eligible for reimbursement
  • Monitoring the reimbursement
  • Defending the reimbursement amounts by instituting legal remedies against the German tax authorities